Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Business need a website?

The level of benefit of having a website varies from business to business. Why not take the Website Benefit Test to find out.

I thought websites were only for big companies?

In the current era of the Internet, consumers are searching for all types of business services online and therefore it is important small business owners don't miss out on the opportunity of getting their business known to prospective customers.

How can a website benefit my business?

There are 7 key benefits a website can bring to your business. Please review our ‘Still don’t have a website’ page to find out more.

I don't have a website and my Business does well?

Traditionally, small businesses attracted customers by word of mouth, yellow pages and local advertising. However, with the explosion of the internet over the last few years the internet has become the most popular way for potential customers to search for goods and services and so future customers are more likely to come from the internet.

Is it expensive to have a website from Step Internet?

In a nutshell, No! We understand the cashflow challenges faced by many small businesses and through efficiencies and economies of scale, we are able to offer our Business Website at the most competitive price available in the UK today.

I am not technically minded – what support will I have?

Don't worry; our Solutions are designed for Small Business Owners who are non-technical or IT savvy. We explain things in plain and simple English with no jargon, so that it is easy for you to understand. Our staff combine both business and technical expertise, so we can relate closely to the needs of your business.

What will my Website look like?

You can choose from an extensive range of designs and insert any images, colours and content in line with your message and brand. Your website will look and feel completely unique to your business.

Can you help me with writing the text for the Website?

Don't worry. Our team of expert web writers will write the main pages of your website for you after discussing with you the message and information you would like to display. You are free to provide us any additional content at anytime which you would like to include on your website.

Will my Business be found on Google?

Yes. We will Search Engine Optimise (SEO) your website and expertly code and tag it to ensure maximum Google rankings within the search results. Allowance needs to be made initially for the search engines to pick up the presence of your website. Progress will be seen over a period of time and this can be enhanced by further search engine optimization.

How will I know if my website is attracting prospective customers?

We will provide you with Monthly Website Performance reports so you can see how many visitors have been on your site, how long they were there for, what pages they looked at, etc. This will provide you with clear information on the effectiveness of your website and will help you monitor the trend of website traffic overtime.

I'm happy to move ahead, what happens next?

We make it as easy for you as possible. One of our Business Developers will visit your business premises at a time that suits you - including evenings and weekends. A half hour Website Consultation is all it takes for you to choose the look and feel of your website. Thereafter you can just leave it to us. Within approx 6 weeks your Website will be 'live' on the internet and working for your business.

Will I be tied into a Contract?

No. We have a flexible arrangement so should you wish to cancel your agreement at anytime all you need to do is provide us with 28 days notice and we will remove your Business Website from the internet.

How much does it cost?

Our Business Website solution costs £49.50 per month. There is also a one-time set-up fee from £195 + vat (standard rate). We collect the monthly fee by Direct Debit. You are fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee of which we are a member.

Is there a minimum period for the Contract?

No. You are able to cancel the agreement at anytime you wish with just 28 days notice.

How long will it take before my Website is launched?

We will have your Business Website launched on the internet in approx 6 weeks after we have collected your set up fee.

Will I have to call overseas call centres?

No. We pride ourselves on being an integral part of the communities in which we operate. From the initial consultation right through to support and advice, you will have a freephone number and access to our team of Web Coordinators.

What happens if I want to make changes to my Business Website?

Just call our free phone number or email us any changes you want to make and we will implement any text or images changes in 5 working days.

How else can you help my Business?

We offer a range of solutions to help Small Businesses. We are experts on the internet and offer free advice to our customers so feel free to call us anytime for a chat and we will do our best to help you.

Who is my point of contact at Step Internet?

Your personal Web Coordinator will be your point of contact at step internet. They will be appointed following your Website Consultation. You will have their direct phone number and email address as well as a second point of contact in case of their absence.